Growth Tools

Video Customer Testimonials

Let your best customers tell the world how amazing your company is

Nothing sells your product or service better than your customer’s own words. Testimonial videos can be incredibly powerful but capturing them always seems to end up at the bottom of your marketing and sales priority list. Let us help by doing the heavy lifting for you.

Growth Simplified makes it easy!

  • You send an invitation to your customers; we handle the rest.
  • We’ll draw out your customer’s genuine, enthusiastic reaction to your company’s product or service during a 10-15 minute video call.
  • We’ll produce a professional testimonial video from the interview.
  • You get a new tool to improve credibility and social proof on your website, social media, and in sales presentations!
Standard Growth Audit

How prepared is your company for rapid growth?

Growth simplified will audit your company on strategy, execution, and performance in the three key areas of growth: customer experience, marketing, and sales to see how ready you are for rapid growth.

After the audit, you’ll receive a custom report scoring each area, important insights and analysis of your company’s strengths and weaknesses related to growth, and step-by-step recommendations for improvements in three places.

The Standard Growth Audit is right for you if…

  • Your company’s growth has plateaued or fallen off in the last 6 months.
  • Your sales, marketing, and CX operate like individual islands instead of one system.
  • Your team isn’t converting enough sales.
  • You aren’t sure if you’re getting a good return on your marketing.
  • You don’t have a great customer experience strategy.
Premium Growth Audit

For those serious about growing their company now

If you’re ready to grow your company but need expert guidance setting the course, the Premium Growth Audit is your next step.

We’ll work side-by-side with your team to audit your company’s strategy, process, and measurements related to the three key areas of growth (CX, marketing, and sales). Our final report will provide valuable insights into your company’s strengths and weaknesses, and make recommendations for improvements in each area we audited.

Referrals Made Simple

Group Accelerator

Use the Referrals Made Simple process to build a referral generating machine for your company

Forget the old way of doing referrals. Take advantage of modern CX, sales, and marketing techniques to build a modern referral strategy for your company using the Referrals Made Simple process.

This 3-month group accelerator walks you step-by-step through the Referrals Made Simple process as you and your fellow entrepreneurs build each piece of your company’s referral strategy. In the end, you will have everything you need to consistently generate, nurture, and close referral leads.

Concierge Service

We’ll build a custom Referral Strategy one piece at a time

You want to generate, nurture, and close more referral leads but your team is too busy to build it in-house? Not a problem. Let the experts at Growth Simplified build a custom referral strategy for your company using our Referrals Made Simple process.

Referrals Made Simple… For You

  • Take advantage of our decades of combined CX, marketing, and sales experience to build a world-class referral strategy for your company using our Referrals Made Simple process.
  • The Referrals Made Simple process is broken down into smaller projects to give you absolute control over the work, costs, and your level of commitment.
  • You set the vision, we make it happen.
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