5 Steps to Building a Dynamic Customer Persona

Growth Simplified
Every brand has a story. You’ve developed a brand character complete with voice, personality, and other human attributes to help your audience relate to your organization on an emotional and values-based level. Through content marketing, social media, and paid advertising,

What Is Your Superpower?

Have you been searching for a way to increase sales to increase profit to turn your business from what it is into what you would always hoped it would be?  Are you at a point where you’re feeling stuck? Things

How to Find New Opportunities Amid a Crisis

While we all hope life will go back to ‘normal’ — as it was before the coronavirus pandemic, this is not likely to happen anytime soon. Even the most optimistic estimates show that there will be severe disruptions to every

Does Your Mindset Predict Success?

How are the minds of entrepreneurs different?  The difficulty of starting something from nothing is vastly underestimated. We take for granted that things like our cars, dishwashers, televisions, and iPhones did not exist until they were conceived in the mind

7 CEO Groups for MN Business Owners

As a CEO, have you ever felt worn out by the heavy responsibility? unable to take some decision? under intensive pressure or having things out of control? Maybe you need a solid agenda, some training? or just

Should You Outsource Your Sales Training?

The right skills and demeanor go a long way in the world of sales. Be it by nature or nurture, these skills need to be developed, honed, and maintained if professional sales reps wish to become and remain the best

How To Hire Top Salespeople Online

Nobody wants to see their business go under, no matter the circumstances. You may find yourself in a position where it seems like, no matter what you do, old clients are leaving, and new ones stop coming in. What’s happening?

How To Find A Good Sales Training Company

Owning and managing a business is hard work. There are only so many hours in a day, and you can’t be everywhere all at once. Sure, you may have been in the trade for decades and built an impressive client
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