How To Get The Most Out Of 2023

What’s coming in 2023?
Nobody knows but one thing is certain – it will be something we’re not expecting.  Financial uncertainty and the gloom of a looming recession force us to get leaner.  Cut corners.  Maximize efficiency.  Get nimble.

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Finding Your Perfect Customer

Find more customers you love (and who love you!)
Start by thinking about:

Finding your best potential customers.
Connecting with them.
Demonstrating why they should buy from you.

How do I do This?
Where do I find

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The Pumpkin Plan: Why it works

Pumpkin Plan Primer
Have you heard of The Pumpkin Plan?  At Growth Simplified, we are Pumpkin Plan Fanatics!  The author, Mike Michalowicz, endorsed GS (watch here) and we are Pumpkin Plan Certified!
We love it so much, that we wanted

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Growth Simplified

5 Steps to Building a Dynamic Customer Persona

Every brand has a story. You’ve developed a brand character complete with voice, personality, and other human attributes to help your audience relate to your organization on an emotional and values-based level. Through content marketing, social media, and paid advertising,

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