Of course!  
A Marketing and Sales audit is a great way to figure out what is working and where the biggest opportunities are at. Most people leave the audit with clarity on how to make $50k to hundreds of thousands extra in the next 12 months by making small adjustments to what they already have.
The sweet spot for getting the best results are with businesses that have been around for more than a year, have sales above $80k, are doing some form of marketing, primarily have repeat or ongoing client relationships, have a service/support component, and are not selling a consumer retail product.  
No, if the person at your organization is the central point of contact and has decision making authority over our engagement and the areas of business that you want to work on. We have worked with some of the biggest organizations.
While sales and marketing are both areas of expertise and focus, issues in sales and marketing are typically symptoms of an underlying issue related to customer profile or the message being shared with prospective clients.
Our starting point is always to verify a good foundation prior to moving forward with sales and marketing related work.

You’re working hard to deliver for your clients. But maybe you are looking for help identifying blind spots and simplifying the unnecessarily complicated world of sales and marketing so you can get your message in front of prospective clients in a way that creates raving fans.

We follow the 80/20 rule and focus on the handful of things that you can easily adjust to get exponential results. Most of the people that come to Growth Simplified have an idea of what they want to do, but they need help simplifying and defining the actual problem and what to do about it.

No. You are the domain expert. We can only shape your genius (Or make that genius compelling).

If an agency or guru says they can figure everything out for you… run.

We are your partner in facilitating your success, We value honesty, and prefer to be conservative rather than over promise. We have worked with a wide variety of companies over a long period of time, guidance provided is always based on direct personal experience.
Yes! Referrals are where we get a significant percentage of our clients. Referrals are often our favorite people to work with and are most likely to become vocal champions for getting everyone they know to check-out Growth Simplified. Referrals are the gold dust of business.

Contact us about details.

Depending on the severity of the rupture that caused your client to leave, maybe. These situations are handled on a case by case basis.
The first step is to schedule an assessment/audit to determine all of the variables and which matter to your clients.
If there is a good chance of getting those clients back, we can look at three options:

    1. Show you and your team how
    2. Do it with you and your team
    3. Do it for you
Thankfully, no. We are elite at taking all the pieces and creating a simple integrated strategy that generates you more profit and customers. We work closely with a handful of gifted organizations to handle areas that you want extra supported.


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